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I Love You Dad

For school, I had to write an ode to a parent. It had to include alliteration, a simile, a metaphor, an idiom, and a contrast in nature. I chose to write about my dad. Here it is:

Dad, Thanks For

Always knowing what to do
Teaching me all the truths
Guiding me like a shepherd
Being there when I need you

Saying what should be said
Wrapping me in the warmth of the sun
Always saying break a leg

Tummy tickle time
Supporting all my hobbies
Always being an eagle

Letting your wallet walk into my hands
Driving me around the world
Introducing me to roller coasters

Giving me all that I need and more
Allowing me to discover
Joking around and having fun

You’re the dad for me!

I thought it was really sweet and will get me an A! I love you Daddy!