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Red and blue paper confetti shot from big black cannons and flooded the arena, as hundred’s of thousands of fans jumped and cheered. Couples made out and groups of teenage girls in band shirts squealed and took pictures with flash. The flashing red and yellow lights from the stage were blinding and the music blasting from the large speakers were deafening but it only added to the experience.

The lead guitarists’ face was covered in beads of sweat. His chest poked out through his ripped black and blue rock star shirt, and his legs were squeezed so tight in his two size too small skinny jeans. His guitar was electric so a black cord led from it to a large black and silver amp. Neon blue was the main color of the Fender and it was covered in silver sparkles that looked like cheap craft glitter.

I didn’t really want to look at him like all the screaming fans did, I just wanted to look at those stage lights. There was one behind the band that was small, maybe only one foot long, but the light coming from it was an 8 foot wide strobe light that was so light it reminded me of the light depicted in movies about Heaven. Then there were two biig lights at the front of the stage; One red and one blue. These lights waved back and forth covering the entire audience and sometimes crossing over each other.  I loved when these lights pointed to my row of seating. I was just sitting there, ignoring the music and just sucking in the lights.

Then I woke up…I woke up to the darkness, to the black. I woke up to hundreds of noises, but no strobes, no confetti, no large red and blue lights for my eyes, face, and body to just absorb. Well, none that I could see anyway. I carefully got up from my bed, grabbed my cane and slowly walked down the hallway following the smell of my husband making breakfast.
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