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Just stumbled across something I wrote 3 years ago

August 23rd 2009

As i lie in bed I think of her. She is so amazing just so perfect for me. Its like we  were meant to be. In this  huge world with the millions of people I found her. My soulmate.  No soulmate is a stupid word.  My, well yeah soulmate. We just came across eachother two months ago. She stumbled into the room and picked my name out of a long list. I still remember the convorsation.

BeachGurl552:Hey sexy 🙂

GeekMaster: sexy eh? you dont even know what i look like

BeachGurl552:well uve got a picture.is that not u?

GeekMaster:oh yeah hahaha i forgot about that.

BeachGurl552:lol i like forgetful men they dont cause trouble in the morning. i can run off and theve got no problems.

GeekMaster: lol fiesty.

Yeah she came on kinda strong. But hey Im a man I’ve got no problems with that. And she even thinks I’m sexy. Hehe she is very sexuly oriented. Perfect for me! But now I lay in my bed and shes not here. I dont know if she will ever be here but I am getting very attached to her.


August 24th 2009

*Beep beep beep*

Another morning. All alone I get up and go to work. Sit at my desk all day. “Marker’s Insurance what can

I help you with today?” Lunch break comes around but no one really socialezs. We all sit in the break

room watching whatever the hell is on tv like robots. I assume everyone in this room has a life. Not

nessicarily a life like mine, but kids, siblings, friends. Or maybe their only contact with the human on

my species is when they fall asleep and snore on my shoulder. Ew slobber.

I Drive home after a few more grueling hours of work and then starts my exciting day! I grab a 6 pack of

beer I turn on my laptop. I take a piss and when I come back to my desk  and opened my VOIP. No mirrors are around but I can feel the smile on my face.  Sitting down, I turn on my webcam and start broadcasting. Sure enough she comes in within a minute.

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