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Ephemeral Infinity-Poem

These infinite efforts to ban you from my thoughts keep falling short

Earth’s twisted serendipity landed me in your arms then ripped us apart

When we’re this far, my nerves get sharp and my soul gets cold

Memories of us, haunting my consciousness as these tears drown my face

Scooting my body over, making space that I know you’ll never fill

Reaching for shadows, hugging pillows, dreaming of your touch

Endlessly trapped in this darkness, longing for my Sunshine

Wishing on every star, dandelion, and eyelash for your warmth once more

The absence of your lips on mine is the only thought under this sky

Torturing myself with the constant recall of your effervescent laughter

This patch work quilt of my thoughts won’t hush or comfort

This twisted idea of an ephemeral infinity leaves me speechless again

Now that my pen dies and my eyes droop I regrettably bid farewell

As the sun rises, you’ll hear from me but tonight this must end