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The “F-word”


Does that word offend you?


How about that one?


We all know how much of a lie that word can be.

However the most abrasive “f-word” according to the media is not any of those

Swears, insults, and lies are just fine as long as we don’t mention

The 1 in 6 women whose bodies are used without their permission

The 4 women who were killed by a spouse today, yesterday, and the day before

The 33 cents per dollar cut from every woman’s pay because of her genitals

The systematic oppression that makes life unnecessarily harder for half of America’s population

We get to see Christian Grey “take” Anastasia and gossip about how sexy it is

But never end up speaking of the drunk girl whose uncertainty was ignored

and everyone blamed her for being broken the next day

We watch game shows showing women who perfectly depict the beauty standard

Competing to be the sexiest dead girl in the photoshoot

This is what we call entertainment.

These are our role models.

Who cares if you’re dead as long as boys 18-24 will pay to look at you?

We can talk about the best brand of fake lashes and cellulite cream

But not about the fact corporations create insecurities and new products simultaneously

American media encourages us to fear, hate, and misinterpret this word

The “f-word”

Well I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk about the next miracle diet, newest shoe designer or celebrity break up

I want to talk about feminism

Yeah, I said it!

Let’s hear her side of the story

Let’s take the media out of it

Let’s eliminate the male gaze

And listen to the people who may

Dress, talk, think or love differently than us.

We are women.

We are not the unfortunate counterpart to men.

I want to indulge in media of substance

I want children to see strong role models of all genders

I want “you can be anything you want when you grow up” to include

Being alive

Being heard


A woman.