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The Bus- Week 3

“Your music is kind of loud.”
“Yeah well good thing it’s MY music huh?”
“He is right young lady; blasting your music is very disrespectful and not everyone around you would like to hear it.”
“Ugh old people!” I hated this stupid bus ride. I was the only one under I was listening to good music, just not from their generation. The lady next to me gave me a sympathetic look and I turned away toward the window. She smelled like lavender and ocean breeze. It didn’t mesh well with my coconut hand lotion.
I pulled out my journal from my near empty backpack and started writing.
I shouldn’t even be on the bus. My dad is sending me to meet my mom again. I really don’t want to go to her though. The way I see it, if she wants to get to know me, she can drive her ass down here.
“You should give your mom more credit” a voice interrupted.
“Excuse me!” I said defensively while slamming my notebook. “Did I give you permission to read this? No, I didn’t, and I definitely didn’t ask your opinion.”
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The Finger- Week 2

As I rode my bike trough the twists and curves of the leave drenched road I saw them; the perfect family. There was a dad probably about 6 foot 1 wearing jeans, and a light blue shirt. He probably worked a lot on the weekdays and had the weekends left to spend with his family. The mom was, well, average looking. She had dirty blonde hair to her shoulders. She wore a classy white shirt with pink flowers that was perfect for a nice autumn day like this. Then there were two children, a little boy about seven and a little girl about four years old. All four family members were holding hands and strolling with smiles.
It irritated me how perfect their family was. If I could even get my family out together at the same time, there is no way we would be holding hands, let alone smiling. My bike passed by them and I heard them giggling at some joke the son told. This really sickened me. I pedaled faster and when I was well away from them I slowed and sat on a bench.
I was across from the children’s playground but there were only two children. They were swinging on the swings and although they were only about six, I didn’t see a parent or guardian around. Curious, I walked towards them. Everything seemed perfectly fine until I heard a scream. It was a piercing scream, the kind that you still hear even when it’s stopped. The kids were not the screamers and my first thought was that it could be their parent. I to the kids to stay where they were and ran towards scream.
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The Transplant-Week 1

“I love you.” I said to him as they wheeled him out of the hospital room.

“I love you too. So much.”

I was really distraught about this whole situation. We were only in high school and I was going to die.  See, I have had kidney problems since I was 5 or 6, and been on the wait list for a new one. Well now, 10 years later, I desperately needed one. When I told my boyfriend of 3 years I was going to die, he was shocked and wanted to do anything he could do.  After two weeks he is in the hospital with me, and currently going in for a kidney check. They have to make sure everything is working right and prepare for the transplant.

According to the doctor, my kidney type was rare and it was going to be difficult to find a donor that matched me. I guess my boyfriend and I were a perfect match. Haha. Ah,it’s good to laugh. I was so off ease with this whole thing. Humans are born with an extra kidney, but it is still major surgery and there can be so many complications. I could die either way, but now someone I deeply care about could too. Being wheeled into the operating room I kind of realized how big a deal this is. He was already put under and I wished I could wake him up. I wanted to ask him for the 80th time today, if he was ok with this, and if he was sure. I knew I was wasn’t.

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I Love You Dad

For school, I had to write an ode to a parent. It had to include alliteration, a simile, a metaphor, an idiom, and a contrast in nature. I chose to write about my dad. Here it is:

Dad, Thanks For

Always knowing what to do
Teaching me all the truths
Guiding me like a shepherd
Being there when I need you

Saying what should be said
Wrapping me in the warmth of the sun
Always saying break a leg

Tummy tickle time
Supporting all my hobbies
Always being an eagle

Letting your wallet walk into my hands
Driving me around the world
Introducing me to roller coasters

Giving me all that I need and more
Allowing me to discover
Joking around and having fun

You’re the dad for me!

I thought it was really sweet and will get me an A! I love you Daddy!