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Reunite- A poem by Zaira Aahz

*I know, I know, this is not Chameleon Circuit lyrics…but I needed to post it. I wrote this for a school poetry project and kinda like it. What do you think?*




Swirling through my head

are the thoughts of him


Probably more now

then when I saw him


I keep picturing

his so loving arms


Reaching out for me

when reuniting

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Loveless Reality

The troubles weighing down on his heart are not the troubles you ‘d expect.

Love, school, friendship. No that is not what fills this 10 year old’s mind.

Instead, his mind is filled with hate, depression, and abusive comments.

His heart is breaking with the repetition of the hatred bestowed upon him.

Daily he is told he is worthless and phrases like “Go to hell jack-ass”

and “Please die already.”constantly being shoved in his tear covered face.

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Zero seconds:

My hands scrape down the rocks as my body slides into the water

Feet first I fall slowly into the refreshing body of wetness.

Two seconds:

My head is submerged as I keep my mouth closed holding in air

My hair flows away from my head making me a medusa lookalike.

Four seconds:

My eyes start to slightly burn but I keep them open and stare

I stare at the bubbles from my dip, floating to the surface.

Six seconds:

My legs spread apart and make motions like a frog and move me down

My arms move instinctively like an airplane, to push down further.

Eight seconds:

I moved down and am still ok on air, I listen to the complete silence

The silence is unbearable so I think. I think of him.

Ten seconds:

I think of his smile and his hair, along with the way he held my hand

I remember catching lizards and singing in the hot tub.

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The Transplant-Week 1

“I love you.” I said to him as they wheeled him out of the hospital room.

“I love you too. So much.”

I was really distraught about this whole situation. We were only in high school and I was going to die.  See, I have had kidney problems since I was 5 or 6, and been on the wait list for a new one. Well now, 10 years later, I desperately needed one. When I told my boyfriend of 3 years I was going to die, he was shocked and wanted to do anything he could do.  After two weeks he is in the hospital with me, and currently going in for a kidney check. They have to make sure everything is working right and prepare for the transplant.

According to the doctor, my kidney type was rare and it was going to be difficult to find a donor that matched me. I guess my boyfriend and I were a perfect match. Haha. Ah,it’s good to laugh. I was so off ease with this whole thing. Humans are born with an extra kidney, but it is still major surgery and there can be so many complications. I could die either way, but now someone I deeply care about could too. Being wheeled into the operating room I kind of realized how big a deal this is. He was already put under and I wished I could wake him up. I wanted to ask him for the 80th time today, if he was ok with this, and if he was sure. I knew I was wasn’t.

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